Content & Technology Solutions

With any content marketing client, the first thing we’ll do is sit down and work out their goals. What do they want to get from content marketing? How can we do this? How can we analyze what works best for them and what not?

One of the major elements of any content & technology solutions is the importance of research. We take an in-depth look at the industry and its market competitors in order to get an idea of where the brand sits.

Throughout the following weeks, we create a strategy based on these discussions. This will include advice on which channels to use, who should be the target audience and which industry leaders we can get to promote their content.

After approvals of the plan and timeline, we work on the next phase. Any content marketer or techie’s appetite will tell you that a good content is nothing without a proper promotion.

The plan also involves creating a list of industry leaders we feel will be interested in your content. Our plan will also address issues such as deciding when and where to promote the content on social media channels.